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Paper Pabs – Pyrex Papers *Review*


Pabby Wabby, The Man, The Myth is back with another banging Project “Pyrex Papers”.

I’m really liking the Massive Pyrex Logo. The Bloodine member always does good covers by usually nicking well known brands and them putting his own twist on it with using a Dom perignon bottle for “The man the Myth” and using the Versace Medusa  for “More Myths”.

He’s also good with his intros they are usually really slick or quite haunting with “like I’m ace” with a creepy priest praying “lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil”. Then with Og sauce with nittys talking about smoking crack. then with bonus track entitled “Randy savage”, You guessed it ! The infamous wrestler “put that thing down”Ft Big H.

He’s also good with his beat choice especially with the INSANE sample of the Orange is the New black theme tune, Regina Spektor – You’ve got time, on “Second time around”. I Really love this songs I’ve had it on Repeat A LOT for the past few weeks. My favourite line on the song is “Doesn’t matter, Same man in some beat up nike’s will fuck a man’s Gal that wears Giuseppes, B, Trust me bruv, loyalty is scarce B, Doesn’t matter,doesn’t matter at all bruv, just get your money & dip out fam”.

The biggest thing that pissed me off was that Pabs didn’t have the Aint Safe Meridian mix.

I was meaning to blog it But so much stuff got in the way, I Remember it dropped around carnival and had this on a Serious Repeat. This is song is FIRE. I wish they made a video for this ! I can imagine the sample playing while they are in a Blacked out whip ballied up, driving recklessly down from Meridian through Tottenham High road to Seven Sisters, then through Tiverton, SKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRRT ! Hopefully Skepta will perform this at Ally pally on the 2nd of December with Pabs & Bossman !  I Really hope there will be a release for it.

Purchase “Pyrex Papers” on Itunes HERE.

Make sure you cop Some Bloodline Merch @ www.blfam.co.uk

I’ve just copped A Boss & Paper Tracksuit.

Follow Paper Pablo on Twitter :  @pabbywabby



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Skepta – Konnichiwa *Album Review*


 I’m, I’m, I’m I’m doing it they tried to stop me but I’m doing it again !

It’s been a while since I started blogging ! I have been busy living life and doing my ting & Figuring out Life. Them ones init ….. LOL.

Before I start the review of Konnichiwa I want to say Thank You to Skepta & Boy Better know,  If it wasn’t for the Adenuga Brothers ( JME & Skepta), I don’t think I would be me – if that makes sense ? LOL.

This website wouldn’t exist & I would probably be like the majority of people my age thinking “what the fuck am I going to do with my life?” & trying to “find myself”.

 All photo’s below have been taken by MR.T REMIX from 2009 – 2016

38315_1562779674328_3118262_n (1)

 First off, he is one of my favourite Grime mc’s of all time. He is also very charismatic & Diverse as a musician with songs such as “My emotions”, “Sweet Mother”, “Castles” “Oynama Sikidim Sikidim” “Skankin ting”. Whenever Skepta touches mic, magic happens. For me Grime as a whole is at its best when you have a Bad man Grime DJ & a bunch of Mc’s spraying their best bars. It feels like you have had 50 cans of Red Bull & you are going to Literally explode. For me Heaven on earth is when I hear the Grime Dj drop a Gritty Grime Classic instrumental while Skepta Angrily shouts Greazy bars on a distorted MIC.


 I honesty can’t even count the amount of times I have seen Skepta live and I always crave more, it just never gets boring when he blesses the mic. I think its because we both grew up in Tottenham & I can relate to him in that way as well.  

Skepta konnichiwa album review photo taken by MR.T REMIX

If I’m honest I have a lot of people to thank in the Grime scene. There are so many memories of seeing Skepta all around London from the crazy Free Drink Vice Parties at The Old Blue Last to Reading Festival last year. Literally having the best times of my life. I remember when Skepta dropped his legendary Westwood Freestyle back in 2009. Me & my best friend, Crofton replayed it religiously, we literally knew the freestyle bar for bar. A few weeks later we where walking down Oxford Street there was this breh in some Ed hardy Jeans, we both looked at each other then at the top of our voices shouted “CHECK OUT THE JEANS, ED HARDY FACTORY !”  

If you haven’t seen this Freestyle listen to this HERE.

image (1)

As I’m writing I’m listening to the whole of Skepta’s discography.

Skeppy has been Top Dog for a while now & there has literally been no stopping him. From touring America, New Zealand, Australia, signing Drake to Boy Better Know & SELLING OUT BRIXTON ACADEMY WITH JME.

Over the years, I’ve seen Faithless,Coldplay, Arcade Fire, The Cure, Arctic Monkeys, The Cribs, Interpol, Suede, Blur, The Foo Fighters, Justice, Jurassic 5, The Drums, to name but a few, at Brixton Academy and I have always wished that I could hear some Grime at the venue.

What made Skepta’s gig at Brixton even more memorable is that I took my mum with me & she has wanted to see Skepta for a good amount of years. It was a very monumental, hands down one of the best moments of my life.

Speaking for myself & many young people in London and the UK as a whole, Skepta impacted our lives in culture, music and fashion.  From the Gassed Grime nights in east London to the middle class kids house parties in Crouch End with “That’s Not Me”,”Shut Down”, “It Aint Safe” which are literally shutting down the parties worldwide. No matter where you hear it, you’re going to get a lot of Energy & Gas !

IMG_1147 - Edited

 The Album kicks off with the self entitled  Konnichiwa with an eerie Japanese samurai sword slashing ensemble that bursts into a bassy Grimey Skepta production which starts off the vibe.

My favourite young gun Mc, Novelist, features on “Lyrics”.  With his traditional Grime skippy flow, it has you constantly bopping your head, with every listen.  And the album has been on repeat since Friday morning when it dropped.

 The God Father of Grime, Wiley features on Corn of the Curb, near the end of the song, Skepta gets a touch of writer’s block then starts ringing Chipmunk  while the track slows down.  Chipmunk gives Skeppy a little pep talk about where he is  & reminds him God has given him this Gift to lead the way for the Grime scene.

It’s a very interesting conversation and Chip also mentions Skepta calling him out over the Skepta & Devilman beef last year.

Then we sink into “Crime Riddim” which is probably going to make me have the biggest screw face & bop my head to the Dirty beat, while skeppy lays down a altercation with a drunk reveller in a club & bussing case.

skepta  and Ian connor

Then easily my favourite song “It Ain’t Safe” ft Young Lord from A$AP MOB. This is MY FUCKING SONG. The instrumental produced by Skepta gives me the old school Meridian crew vibe with Skeppy doing a Project pat flow, which works seamlessly. I remember last year at the Reading Festival, I was with this girl, being more Gassed than British Gas. I started a 2 man mosh pit with her, while shouting at the top of my voice “RING RING PUSSY IT’S YOUR MUMMY ON THE PHONE” I sent her flying, but luckily she didn’t fall over :/ lol

Then there was that legendary night when Logan Sama & Boiler room had a very healthy line up including: The Square, Stormzy & Skepta when they performed at the ICA literally on PALL MALL – the same road where  the bloody queen lives. Yet again one of the best nights of my life. Check out the Video HERE skip to 57.15 for utter madness.

Then we have Ladies Hit Squad, Ft D Double E & A$AP NAST. I really like this collaboration and the idea behind the song & video + the piff ting smoking the spliff . It’s a very strong song on the album, but I’m really feeling the last 35 seconds of the skit at the end when Skeppy does a singing melody, “Don’t remember me ? First you befriended me, now we are enemies” it makes me reflect on previous relationships….. them ones.


Something that I thought I would never see, a Skepta & Pharrell collab.

“Numbers” has seriously got stuck in my head, I keep randomly shouting out Calculator, LOL.

The beat is dope as fuck with a basey hip hop grimey vibe produced & vocalled by Skepta & Pharrell. Skepta flows over it with ease. “Got the X, got the purple, got the green
Cause everyday manaman a get lean”

For me it has a very LIL B esq sort of vibe I really like the fact that you can hear deep breathing in the background of the beat.

“Man (Gang)” sampling Queens of the Stone Age “Regular John” was literally catastrophic at KOKO on the 9th of May.

Shut Down which has now sold over 500,000 records is another one of my favourite songs on the album & is guaranteed to set any gathering alight.

I’m honestly surprised no one has punched me up when “That’s Not Me” has came on in a rave.  Whenever it drops you know I’m going to make drinks & people go flying with that deep eski beat inspired Skepta production – DUM DUM DUM DER DER DUM. 

Detox Features the main members of BBK, Shorty, Frisco & Jammer. Me and my Friends can really relate to this song.  We love turning up, or maybe we are just alcoholics! HMMM

My favourite verse on the track is probably Jammer’s, who got 2 reloads At KOKO when it was performed.  Skepta proclaimed his love for Jammer’s verse, stating that it was his favourite verse on Konnichiwa.


“Text me Back”, Makes me think  about the progression in my life and “The One”.  I think a lot of men can relate to this who are trying to build a family and make ends meet for a comfortable life.

I feel like Konnichiwa is a very solid Grime Album. In my books it is The album of the year. Skepta is at his best, being Skepta.  There is no compromise, unlike his previous album “Doin’it Again” when he took a trip down the commercial road, instead of being true to himself and produced what was my least favourite album of his.

I feel like he has grown while still maintaining his individual sound.  You always get a sense of morality from a Skepta album which is why they are so relatable.  And with Konnichiwa, Skepta is truly at the forefront taking Grime worldwide.



 P.S Skepta if your reading this I have A Tottenham Hat for you that I designed.

Purchase Konnichiwa on Itunes HERE.


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Meridian Dan – The Bits [Music Video]

Meridian dan  the bits

God knows how I’m writing this because the Laptop I’m using now should technically be in a million pieces and have tire marks from the 476 bus – if my past history with technology is anything to go by. I literally finished writing the whole review & spell checked it and proof read it. I was just about to post it. BUT then the whole post got deleted. I remained calm and didn’t even swear (This is coming from the person who gets relieved from stress and happy when he swears). I think someone put a curse on me with technology, I Love technology, but it seems if I touch it, it just dies 😦

Last month I had 2 Laptops that over heated which are now sleeping with the fishes & an iphone which I deliberately smashed to pieces out of anger the other week (Yes I know I’m an idiot). And awhile ago I had a brand new Cannon 600D, which was only a few weeks old & some drunk Neanderthal in Plan B in Brixton, spilt a pint on my shiny new expensive piece of kit, & wait there’s more……… but I’m not going to bring up all them wallet crippling moments in my life & open up the healed wounds.

Enough babbling on about my Life problems.

It’s time to talk about some GRIME !

When you hear this single on the radio you will never doubt who on earth is Spitting bars through the Air waves.

Of course It’s Meridian Dan with his unique Signature Skippy flow.

I have Always been a fan of Meridian Dan’s music, since the Meridian Crew days. From the get go Meridian Dan’s first single “German whip”. You know your going to get 3 things from the Tottenham MC, when he drops a single.

1. A very well done Sleek visual.

2. A professional and clean, yet still Grimey Production.

3.Fire Bars

Shout out to Boss man making a cameo in the Video, Smoking on that Loud, Cigarette.

Dan Even Name drops the Infamous Chicken shop in Tottenham “Chick king” Twice on “The bits”.

If you’re from Tottenham and don’t know about Chick King then GET TO KNOW !

 The notorious Chicken shop has been mentioned in various Grime tunes by Tottenham MC’s.

There is also a Really cool picture of Skepta In Chick King back in the day rocking his signature Russian Woolly hat, taken by Simon Wheatley featured in the Grime Picture book “Don’t call me Urban”.

Grime & Fried Chicken, is heaven to me ! Dan, You’re in my Good books !

“Man Can’t ring me for a tens, I don’t care if we are best Friends”

 P.S. Btw if your Reading this Meridian Dan, Tell President T to Release “Stranger Returns” I have been waiting for 5 years for that to drop.

Purchase “The Bits” : HERE


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