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Still a G at 23


It’s 12 am on Monday & I have just woken up from a long shift at work & I feel like this is the time to write it now. Last year when I turned 22 I wrote a post how to better myself & progress in my life. Check it out HERE. The year that has gone passed, I really have learned a lot of Progressed & matured in my life a lot but as always there’s still more room for improvement & I know where I want to be & as they always say Rome wasn’t built in a day, I still have A lot to learn & things to improve on.

What I’ve thought about a lot lately is that Life is very precious & make the most of it & do the things that make you happy, it might sound very cliche & etc but its really true.

The thing is as well if you Pardon my french but in Life there’s no point in life being a cunt . There’s no point being constantly negative and especially towards people and bringing them down & hating. Just be positive and Encourage yourself, family & friends to thrive to be better Human beings.

We are all in our own Lane and can do anything we want and we can follow our dreams, For instance, I really love Grime & Love going to Grime raves & taking pictures, that makes me really happy. You might be reading this and Really want to Open up a Ice cream business or you really want to start getting into golf. what ever it is, in the words of Shia la beouf & Nike’s infamous slogan  “Just do it“.

Honestly do what you want that makes you happy.

Life has been a massive roller coaster as of late but I’m beginning to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel if I keep my head down & keep grinding, I will get there & you will too if you are determined too.

Peace, Love, Good vibes & Respect



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