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President T – Thug Life

President T Taken By MR.T REMIX.jpg

Photo taken by MR.T REMIX 

The President drops a very hard Banger dedicated To Tupac entitled “Thug Life”.

I have Been hearing this on Spyro’s show on Rinse & have downloaded one of his sets on Soundcloud & Literally Replayed the snippet prior to the release & Now I can listen to listen to the full song & even watch the video on SBTV 🙂

The Song starts off with a Vibe interview with Tupac, Then President T drops his Legendary unique flow & then cuts into another Snippet of the Tupac interview, then resumes to Prez T dropping FIRE !

At the end of song, President T gives us some Advice, Proclaiming that he’s done his Grind & you have to too.

For the Last few years I thought President T was so severely underrated but as of late, A lot of people have clocked onto how Good the Bloodline mc is.

This is easily one of my favourite songs of the year & will be featured on my post of my Favourite songs on the year.

Purchase or Stream “Thug Life” HERE.




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Paper Pabs – Pyrex Papers *Review*


Pabby Wabby, The Man, The Myth is back with another banging Project “Pyrex Papers”.

I’m really liking the Massive Pyrex Logo. The Bloodine member always does good covers by usually nicking well known brands and them putting his own twist on it with using a Dom perignon bottle for “The man the Myth” and using the Versace Medusa  for “More Myths”.

He’s also good with his intros they are usually really slick or quite haunting with “like I’m ace” with a creepy priest praying “lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil”. Then with Og sauce with nittys talking about smoking crack. then with bonus track entitled “Randy savage”, You guessed it ! The infamous wrestler “put that thing down”Ft Big H.

He’s also good with his beat choice especially with the INSANE sample of the Orange is the New black theme tune, Regina Spektor – You’ve got time, on “Second time around”. I Really love this songs I’ve had it on Repeat A LOT for the past few weeks. My favourite line on the song is “Doesn’t matter, Same man in some beat up nike’s will fuck a man’s Gal that wears Giuseppes, B, Trust me bruv, loyalty is scarce B, Doesn’t matter,doesn’t matter at all bruv, just get your money & dip out fam”.

The biggest thing that pissed me off was that Pabs didn’t have the Aint Safe Meridian mix.

I was meaning to blog it But so much stuff got in the way, I Remember it dropped around carnival and had this on a Serious Repeat. This is song is FIRE. I wish they made a video for this ! I can imagine the sample playing while they are in a Blacked out whip ballied up, driving recklessly down from Meridian through Tottenham High road to Seven Sisters, then through Tiverton, SKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRRT ! Hopefully Skepta will perform this at Ally pally on the 2nd of December with Pabs & Bossman !  I Really hope there will be a release for it.

Purchase “Pyrex Papers” on Itunes HERE.

Make sure you cop Some Bloodline Merch @ www.blfam.co.uk

I’ve just copped A Boss & Paper Tracksuit.

Follow Paper Pablo on Twitter :  @pabbywabby


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President T FT JME – House & Pop *Review*


The president of Grime is back with another Banger featuring JME. I’m definitely on their wave length because I’m
definitely not down for “House & Pop” The last time Meridian crew members collaborated was when President T dropped his debut Mixtape “Back In My Face” in 2007. We haven’t seen a Bloodline & Boy Better know Collab in a while but whenever it happens you know
I’m going to have a very big smile on my face. Splurge boys on the production drop, a very gritty bassy instrumental which works very well with JME and with Prez T’s unique flow. “House & Pop” is taken from President T’s long-awaited forthcoming album, “Stranger
Returns.” I remember seeing President T in Tottenham on several occasions and he told me it would be out in a month – that was literally about 5 years ago! It seems that President T is now serious about his music – dropping his Mixtape “Greatest To Ever Touch
Down” back in December. The next time I’m in a rave and I know the chorus comes on “ I know man that will come to your house & pop” my drink will be non existent. 

Check out the pictures I Got of Prez T the other day at Pitched up HERE.

Purchase House & Pop HERE.


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Meridian Dan – The Bits [Music Video]

Meridian dan  the bits

God knows how I’m writing this because the Laptop I’m using now should technically be in a million pieces and have tire marks from the 476 bus – if my past history with technology is anything to go by. I literally finished writing the whole review & spell checked it and proof read it. I was just about to post it. BUT then the whole post got deleted. I remained calm and didn’t even swear (This is coming from the person who gets relieved from stress and happy when he swears). I think someone put a curse on me with technology, I Love technology, but it seems if I touch it, it just dies 😦

Last month I had 2 Laptops that over heated which are now sleeping with the fishes & an iphone which I deliberately smashed to pieces out of anger the other week (Yes I know I’m an idiot). And awhile ago I had a brand new Cannon 600D, which was only a few weeks old & some drunk Neanderthal in Plan B in Brixton, spilt a pint on my shiny new expensive piece of kit, & wait there’s more……… but I’m not going to bring up all them wallet crippling moments in my life & open up the healed wounds.

Enough babbling on about my Life problems.

It’s time to talk about some GRIME !

When you hear this single on the radio you will never doubt who on earth is Spitting bars through the Air waves.

Of course It’s Meridian Dan with his unique Signature Skippy flow.

I have Always been a fan of Meridian Dan’s music, since the Meridian Crew days. From the get go Meridian Dan’s first single “German whip”. You know your going to get 3 things from the Tottenham MC, when he drops a single.

1. A very well done Sleek visual.

2. A professional and clean, yet still Grimey Production.

3.Fire Bars

Shout out to Boss man making a cameo in the Video, Smoking on that Loud, Cigarette.

Dan Even Name drops the Infamous Chicken shop in Tottenham “Chick king” Twice on “The bits”.

If you’re from Tottenham and don’t know about Chick King then GET TO KNOW !

 The notorious Chicken shop has been mentioned in various Grime tunes by Tottenham MC’s.

There is also a Really cool picture of Skepta In Chick King back in the day rocking his signature Russian Woolly hat, taken by Simon Wheatley featured in the Grime Picture book “Don’t call me Urban”.

Grime & Fried Chicken, is heaven to me ! Dan, You’re in my Good books !

“Man Can’t ring me for a tens, I don’t care if we are best Friends”

 P.S. Btw if your Reading this Meridian Dan, Tell President T to Release “Stranger Returns” I have been waiting for 5 years for that to drop.

Purchase “The Bits” : HERE


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Meridian Dan ft Big H & JME – German Whip [Music Video]


COME ON LADS  ? Whats this about German whips ? You should be driving around in Jaguars, Bentleys, Range Rovers, Rolls Royce’s, or even MINI’s ? OK Rolls are a quarter of a Million, but You shouldn’t be driving in German phallic symbols, AHAHAHHAH. REP BRITAIN LADS !

It’s catchy & I Can’t help not nodding my head along to the beat and singing to the chorus “See man driving in a German whip, Blacked out window, Leaning back.”

When I make my £, You will see me in an English whip, Blacked out windows, leaning back.


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Various Grime sets from the Boiler room

I’ve been a Myth with posting for a while as you know but I had to give these great sets a post from the Boiler room.


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Milli Major – Rude Kid (Official video)

9 milli major

Photo taken by MR.T REMIX  

9 Milli Major kills this beat produced by Rude kid.

Available on I tunes Now.


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For the Past few Months I have been going on & on about Jody high roller. If you haven’t heard of Riff Raff, you must have been living under a rock for the past few months. He is the most Viral Rappers ever ! Listen to “Chop another rock” it always gets me in an upbeat mood.

2013 is the year of Riff Raff.

Download Riff Raff’s Mixtape for free “Hologram panda” HERE.

Spooky – Playground EP

Spooky playground EP

 Spooky is back again with another banger ! “Playground” was one of my Favourite Grime Instrumental’s of 2012 featuring the sample of “Beenie man – who am I“.  Plus the Slew dem vocal was my favourite Grime track of the year. The reason why I’m saying you should buy this in 2013 because it was released in late December and I never had a chance to review it. It has a Summer carnival Grime vibe, which is the easiest way to explain it.

This will defiantly go down well at a House party.

Purchase from : Amazon, Itunes, No hats no hoods (Vinyl).

Purchase the vocal HERE.


Paper pabs the man the myth

Paper Pabs, My favourite Uk Hip hop Artist & who only lives a few minutes away from me is Finally dropping “The Man, The Myth”. I’m eagerly waiting for this to drop.

Out on the 1st of March.

Pre order “The Man, The Myth” HERE.

Tempa T – All Star Pars


I have been waiting  for this Mixtape to drop, for about 4 years ! It has all of  Tempa T’s classics Including :  “New day”, “Boi off da ting”, “RBX” & “Chatting shit” but it sadly doesn’t have “Watch the Skank”.

It is a mandatory purchase for any Grime fan or any music fan in General.

I highly recommend this Mixtape.

Purchase From : Itunes, Tempa T’s official online Store (Physical release).

Skepta – Blacklisted


The king of Grime is back with a digital release album.

My favourite track of “Black listed” is “Castles” with the Riff Raff sample.

Download the Mixtape From Itunes.


asap_rocky_ long live A$AP deluxe_album_cover

A$AP ROCKY was the most hottest Artist of 2012 & I’m pretty sure he will still retain the tittle in 2013.

A$AP’s debut Mixtape was Named “Live Love A$AP” & his debut album is Entitled : Long. Live. A$AP. You would say sarcastically “That’s creative isn’t it ? ” but I do think it’s quite creative, The title shows how he has progressed. it’s a very “Rapper album title” if you get what I’m saying but I’ll let you argue over yourselves about his Discography titles.

There are so many other amazing rappers that deserve to shine but the British media think he is the only new good rapper that exists. it’s quite narrow-minded and straight up stupid, I can’t take it away  from him that he is a good rapper, because he is.

A$AP makes good music,  furthermore has a great image & loyal following. But there are a lot of band wagon hoppers, which looses the appeal for me. That’s what it’s like with the British media when they find rappers they hold onto them and shine the Lime light on the individual or group and ignore everyone else (Another prime example is OFWGKTA).

My 3 favourite songs From the album tracks are : “Fuckin Problems” Featuring : Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar. “1 Train” Featuring : Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T. Last but not least,”Fashion Killa” with the chorus sounding  like “Herpes to go”.

I remember reading an article saying there hasn’t been a rapper that has made it and came from New york since the 90’s & A$AP is the “savior”. I can name a few JAY Z, 50 cent, Cam’ron. I’m not that knowledgable about Hip Hop but I can say it is a Good Album and sounds vastly different from his New York predecessors.

Purchase “Long.Live.A$AP

 2013 is going to be a great year for music & its been a great start already.

Follow me on Twitter  : @MRTREMIX



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Paper Pabs – 2013 Freestyle


At the start of a New year a lot of Mc’s end up doing a Freestyle and calling it the year which has just started (It’s self explantory).

The Man, The Myth out on the 1st of March.

Pre order HERE.


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Paper Pabs – Outta 5


The Man, the Myth AKA Paper pablo ! Is Finally Releasing  “The man, The Myth’ !

This is already one of my favourite songs of the year !

Make sure  you Support and Purchase “The Man, The Myth”  avalible at all good online Retailers on March the 1st.


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