Novelist – #PissTake


Photo taken by MR.T REMIX


Novelist Drops a new Freestyle with with Link up TV outside Brockley Station.

NOV GOES IN ! On one of my favourite Grime instrumentals “Runnin” a refix of The Games ft Tony yayo  “Runnin”, Refixed by Frett which I bought 2 copies of it on vinyl the other month.

Novelist would only post it up before he got 1000 Retweet’s.

I made sure I had to give it a RT & I’m Glad it did because its easily one of my favourite Freestyles of the year.



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Capo lee – Why not 2 *Mixtape*


Photo taken by MR.T REMIX 

Capo lee is Back with “Why not 2” with 10 tracks only taking 10 hours to put together ! Thats mad ! with some mc’s it takes them 10 months chatting shit about they are going to release their new mix tape on twitter & never materialises. Why not Features P money, YGG, Spyro, JD reid, D.O.K, Wardot, Spooky & Nico Lindsay. Check out the full Mixtape mixed by Scope Exclusively on Red bull’s official website. Check it HERE.

Follow Capo lee on Twitter  : @CapoLee100


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Still a G at 23


It’s 12 am on Monday & I have just woken up from a long shift at work & I feel like this is the time to write it now. Last year when I turned 22 I wrote a post how to better myself & progress in my life. Check it out HERE. The year that has gone passed, I really have learned a lot of Progressed & matured in my life a lot but as always there’s still more room for improvement & I know where I want to be & as they always say Rome wasn’t built in a day, I still have A lot to learn & things to improve on.

What I’ve thought about a lot lately is that Life is very precious & make the most of it & do the things that make you happy, it might sound very cliche & etc but its really true.

The thing is as well if you Pardon my french but in Life there’s no point in life being a cunt . There’s no point being constantly negative and especially towards people and bringing them down & hating. Just be positive and Encourage yourself, family & friends to thrive to be better Human beings.

We are all in our own Lane and can do anything we want and we can follow our dreams, For instance, I really love Grime & Love going to Grime raves & taking pictures, that makes me really happy. You might be reading this and Really want to Open up a Ice cream business or you really want to start getting into golf. what ever it is, in the words of Shia la beouf & Nike’s infamous slogan  “Just do it“.

Honestly do what you want that makes you happy.

Life has been a massive roller coaster as of late but I’m beginning to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel if I keep my head down & keep grinding, I will get there & you will too if you are determined too.

Peace, Love, Good vibes & Respect


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On a wednesday evening you would of probably seen me in all white rushing through Camden after work thinking I’m running late to Camden Round house.

What a night to Remember the 2nd annual KA & GRM Daily Rated awards was GASSED !

Easily one of the best evening’s of the year !

I Literally can’t wait for next year.

Check out who won HERE.

S/O to all the Winners, GRM DAILY, Posty, KA, Alize, Disrupt & J Beatz



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We begin on a Sunday morning in Tottenham, I wake up hazey eyed & Scroll through my phone & see Novelist is performing at the new foot locker in Brixton. I rush down & catch a very epic set. The full set of pictures of novelist will be up soon but I chucked a little teaser below.

I then catch my good friend Crofton & link him in Brixton then we roll to Notting hill and have a little skate session, then we roll through Sloane square & then we catch a drink in Dalston.

Monday hits & My Cousin Raph linked me at mine and Linked my G, Mani at Seven sisters then done a mad Illuminati tube route to carnival*I’m not going to tell you the route* & Then caught my Bredin Fillery & caught the waves, The Holy water (Red Stripe) & Alize was heavily being sipped throughout the day & got some very Tasty Curry Goat.

Notting hill carnival is AMAZING !

It’s a MASSIVE London street party, I’m with all my friends & A constant flow of Good vibes, The best Food to ever exist, A continuous amount of Smiles all around, NON STOP Redstripe & Hot spices & I can hear Grime & wile the fuck out ! Carnival for me is HEAVEN !

I literally see Carnival on Monday as Chirstmas day.

S/O  To all my Brothers I rolled with. All my Friends I Bumped into, All of the people I met,  All of the people I got pictures of. Thank You !






IMG_4680IMG_4696IMG_4738IMG_4751 - EditedIMG_4756IMG_4789IMG_4806IMG_4810IMG_4816

IMG_4832IMG_4836IMG_4841IMG_4844IMG_4859IMG_4865IMG_4869IMG_4875IMG_4881IMG_4882IMG_4883IMG_4884IMG_4885IMG_4891IMG_4893IMG_4897 - EditedIMG_4900IMG_4901IMG_4919IMG_4926IMG_4932IMG_4942IMG_4963IMG_4966IMG_4977IMG_4990IMG_4993IMG_4997IMG_5011IMG_5016IMG_5020IMG_5029IMG_5059IMG_5097IMG_5138IMG_5139IMG_5149IMG_5158IMG_5195IMG_5200IMG_5216IMG_5218IMG_5220IMG_5221IMG_5230IMG_5234IMG_5237IMG_5247IMG_5264




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I AM NEXT – Novelist at The Old blue last


On a Sunday evening after work I make my way down to The legendary Old blue last. The night was a massive road block. I was lucky to get in. I’m glad I did because the night was chaotic and Skepta making a Appearance to spray a few bars & give Novelist his plaque for Konnichiwa was the icing on the cake.

J Flowz Killed it & I was feeling House of Pharaohs vibe, Their energy is insane and they know how to turn up and etc. I have seen them live a few times live but they are really not my cup of tea, Not really feeling that American Rebore bollocks.

I then rolled to Alibi after & had a quick Catch up with Jammer & caught a few pictures.

S/O To  Mani, 7oel, Jenny Bang, Novelist, Grand Mixxer, Visions crew, Tugg set, Boy better know, Skepta, Jammer, J Flowz & House of Pharaohs.




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Novelist x New Future London “FAM” Launch Party at Selfridges

IMG_0503 GRIME IN SELFRIDGES ? I was astonished, I remember when I worked back there in 2012, I would see a few Mc’s in there but never thought I would see a Grime mc perform there.

I hope the footage comes out for the talk novelist done talking about the use of slang & for Shakespeare ReCited, he Spoke a lot of sense. Novelist handed out us all some pens so we also got a chance to write our own use of slang & tags on the walls try & see what I wrote.

The New Future London Collab is fire, I’m definitely going to cop a Sweatshirt.

Check out New Future London & Check out their Collab with Novelist HERE.

The set was Fire with Grand Mixxer & Novelist, Tugg set.

A very memorable evening.


IMG_1061 - EditedIMG_1204 - EditedIMG_1205 - EditedIMG_1209 - EditedIMG_1219 - EditedIMG_1370 - EditedIMG_1328IMG_1331IMG_1345IMG_1354IMG_1365IMG_1371IMG_1377IMG_1383IMG_1390IMG_1391IMG_1398IMG_1400IMG_1401IMG_1413IMG_1422IMG_1433IMG_1428


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Lily Kiing @ Cafe 1001


This night was a bit of a Madness,  I think I got a bit too inebriated, to Simplify it In my words I got really waved. LOL

The night started off with me doing a interview for a upcoming Grime Documentary entitled “Grime Britannia“.

 I Then Caught a few Drinks & Rolled through Cafe 1001, there was a fashion show going on but I’ll save them pictures for another day 😉

I first met Lily Kiing at the SBTV Summer Cookout, She has a good vibe, she’s Motivated, & has a emotional voice.

I’ve been meaning to catch Lilly king for a while but time was against me, because last few times I’ve missed her perform. I’m Glad I finally got to see her perform because My Jaw was dropping to the floor when I saw her perform, It was a MYTH !

 I caught her after & sipped on some Alize & caught some more Snaps !

I have now actual clue how I made it to work the next day, It was a MYTH !!

Make sure you check out Lily kiing’s sound cloud HERE.

Follow her on Twitter HERE.



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Jammer – 3’Hi At Ace Hotel


Back in the day Jammer use to Dj in the early days of Grime Sadly I was a bit too young to catch him at a rave djing.

As you know hes been taking over the world with Spitting Grime with Boy Better Know & is easily one of the best Mc’s to see live.

I was really excited to see  him Dj and Listen to see what bangers he would bring out.

I can now finally tick it off my book that I’ve seen Jammer Dj, To top it off it was at the ace hotel on the roof top, It was EPIC !

S/O to 3’Hi, Jammer, Brown Bear Style, Steve Tower & Julio


Boy Better Know


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President T FT JME – House & Pop *Review*


The president of Grime is back with another Banger featuring JME. I’m definitely on their wave length because I’m
definitely not down for “House & Pop” The last time Meridian crew members collaborated was when President T dropped his debut Mixtape “Back In My Face” in 2007. We haven’t seen a Bloodline & Boy Better know Collab in a while but whenever it happens you know
I’m going to have a very big smile on my face. Splurge boys on the production drop, a very gritty bassy instrumental which works very well with JME and with Prez T’s unique flow. “House & Pop” is taken from President T’s long-awaited forthcoming album, “Stranger
Returns.” I remember seeing President T in Tottenham on several occasions and he told me it would be out in a month – that was literally about 5 years ago! It seems that President T is now serious about his music – dropping his Mixtape “Greatest To Ever Touch
Down” back in December. The next time I’m in a rave and I know the chorus comes on “ I know man that will come to your house & pop” my drink will be non existent. 

Check out the pictures I Got of Prez T the other day at Pitched up HERE.

Purchase House & Pop HERE.


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