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Paper Pabs – Pyrex Papers *Review*


Pabby Wabby, The Man, The Myth is back with another banging Project “Pyrex Papers”.

I’m really liking the Massive Pyrex Logo. The Bloodine member always does good covers by usually nicking well known brands and them putting his own twist on it with using a Dom perignon bottle for “The man the Myth” and using the Versace Medusa  for “More Myths”.

He’s also good with his intros they are usually really slick or quite haunting with “like I’m ace” with a creepy priest praying “lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil”. Then with Og sauce with nittys talking about smoking crack. then with bonus track entitled “Randy savage”, You guessed it ! The infamous wrestler “put that thing down”Ft Big H.

He’s also good with his beat choice especially with the INSANE sample of the Orange is the New black theme tune, Regina Spektor – You’ve got time, on “Second time around”. I Really love this songs I’ve had it on Repeat A LOT for the past few weeks. My favourite line on the song is “Doesn’t matter, Same man in some beat up nike’s will fuck a man’s Gal that wears Giuseppes, B, Trust me bruv, loyalty is scarce B, Doesn’t matter,doesn’t matter at all bruv, just get your money & dip out fam”.

The biggest thing that pissed me off was that Pabs didn’t have the Aint Safe Meridian mix.

I was meaning to blog it But so much stuff got in the way, I Remember it dropped around carnival and had this on a Serious Repeat. This is song is FIRE. I wish they made a video for this ! I can imagine the sample playing while they are in a Blacked out whip ballied up, driving recklessly down from Meridian through Tottenham High road to Seven Sisters, then through Tiverton, SKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRRT ! Hopefully Skepta will perform this at Ally pally on the 2nd of December with Pabs & Bossman !  I Really hope there will be a release for it.

Purchase “Pyrex Papers” on Itunes HERE.

Make sure you cop Some Bloodline Merch @

I’ve just copped A Boss & Paper Tracksuit.

Follow Paper Pablo on Twitter :  @pabbywabby



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Fekky ft. Tempa T – “Rudeboy Ting” [Official Music Video]



For some reason this song reminds me of the of my house phone ring (0.15).

Tempa T & Fekky kill it as Usual.


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Lakey – Pick it up Ft Jimmy British

lakey pick it up

Lakey is back with a banger and he’s going to “Pick it up, Chop down, Bag it up, Knock it out”. If you are a bit of simpleton, Then you probably don’t know what hes talking about ? He Rapping about selling weed,  “Pick it up, Chop down, Bag it up, Knock it out” < You get it now ?  Produced and Written Lakey ( He’s a talented lad aint he ?) Packed with a Big Base and easily, my favorite music video of the year, The locations and the Camera angles are just simply Perfect. There are so many things I like about the video I would be going on about it for hours, Especially at the start when Lakey walks past the Porsche. Speaking about the video, KI KI Minaj, The  rather fetching British Pornstar features in the video and get her bits out and rubs £20 notes on her Minge.

Watch out for Lakey’s forthcoming Mixtape “Look Rich,Think Poor”

Purchase the single HERE.


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