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President T – Thug Life

President T Taken By MR.T REMIX.jpg

Photo taken by MR.T REMIX 

The President drops a very hard Banger dedicated To Tupac entitled “Thug Life”.

I have Been hearing this on Spyro’s show on Rinse & have downloaded one of his sets on Soundcloud & Literally Replayed the snippet prior to the release & Now I can listen to listen to the full song & even watch the video on SBTV 🙂

The Song starts off with a Vibe interview with Tupac, Then President T drops his Legendary unique flow & then cuts into another Snippet of the Tupac interview, then resumes to Prez T dropping FIRE !

At the end of song, President T gives us some Advice, Proclaiming that he’s done his Grind & you have to too.

For the Last few years I thought President T was so severely underrated but as of late, A lot of people have clocked onto how Good the Bloodline mc is.

This is easily one of my favourite songs of the year & will be featured on my post of my Favourite songs on the year.

Purchase or Stream “Thug Life” HERE.




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GRANDMIXXER – People over money E.P *Review*


“People over money” ? Seem’s more nice than “Money over everything ” which P money entitled  2 albums,”Money over everything” & “Money over everything 2” Which where undeniable Fire, But I Digress.

The South London Producer & Novelist’s official DJ comes in very heavy with “People over money”, the first track of the E.P which has consistently been dropping on his epic sets on Rinse Fm & NTS.

“Australia” is another Eary banger but my Favourite track on the E.P Has to be the Last track “New Zealand”. It is just EPIC !

It’s sound is a very deep Grime Instrumental with depth furthermore with Power which would be perfect to spit at the end of the set at a rave or even just the instrumental ride out.

grandmixxer-editedGRANDMIXXER after his set at ICA for BoilerRoom, 2014 taken by MR.T REMIX

GRANDMIXXER isn’t really comparable to another GRIME DJ / Producer, Yet he is easily one of my favourite Grime DJ’s, No question at all !

 So, I’m Going to let his Productions do the talking,

Listen & Purchase GRANDMIXXER’S “People Over Money” HERE.

Check out GRANDMIXXER’S latest set on Rinse FM, The Instrumentals are RAW & BONES Grime, I have had it on a constant repeat as of late. Literally The first 13 minutes are of GRANDMIXXER Mixing his tunes & setting a blaze to the decks & to your ears ! Then kicks in with Nottingham MC, Uncle Mez spitting flames & later on Killa P Blesses Mic.

 Also some of my pictures I have taken of GRANDMIXXER are featured on the cover of “People Over Money”. I’ll let you try and find ones I took in the collage of pictures.



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President T FT JME – House & Pop *Review*


The president of Grime is back with another Banger featuring JME. I’m definitely on their wave length because I’m
definitely not down for “House & Pop” The last time Meridian crew members collaborated was when President T dropped his debut Mixtape “Back In My Face” in 2007. We haven’t seen a Bloodline & Boy Better know Collab in a while but whenever it happens you know
I’m going to have a very big smile on my face. Splurge boys on the production drop, a very gritty bassy instrumental which works very well with JME and with Prez T’s unique flow. “House & Pop” is taken from President T’s long-awaited forthcoming album, “Stranger
Returns.” I remember seeing President T in Tottenham on several occasions and he told me it would be out in a month – that was literally about 5 years ago! It seems that President T is now serious about his music – dropping his Mixtape “Greatest To Ever Touch
Down” back in December. The next time I’m in a rave and I know the chorus comes on “ I know man that will come to your house & pop” my drink will be non existent. 

Check out the pictures I Got of Prez T the other day at Pitched up HERE.

Purchase House & Pop HERE.


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