Lily Kiing @ Cafe 1001


This night was a bit of a Madness,  I think I got a bit too inebriated, to Simplify it In my words I got really waved. LOL

The night started off with me doing a interview for a upcoming Grime Documentary entitled “Grime Britannia“.

 I Then Caught a few Drinks & Rolled through Cafe 1001, there was a fashion show going on but I’ll save them pictures for another day 😉

I first met Lily Kiing at the SBTV Summer Cookout, She has a good vibe, she’s Motivated, & has a emotional voice.

I’ve been meaning to catch Lilly king for a while but time was against me, because last few times I’ve missed her perform. I’m Glad I finally got to see her perform because My Jaw was dropping to the floor when I saw her perform, It was a MYTH !

 I caught her after & sipped on some Alize & caught some more Snaps !

I have now actual clue how I made it to work the next day, It was a MYTH !!

Make sure you check out Lily kiing’s sound cloud HERE.

Follow her on Twitter HERE.




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