MR.T REMIX’s Guide to become a Man & a Better Person


Today I turn 22 & I Definitely feel I’m not in the right place when its comes to my career & Life. I realized a few months back I need to stop being a boy and become a man. I’m Contemplating my success & failures in Life & when I started this blog, I know I have achieved a lot in my career but I don’t feel like I have achieved that much lately & I honestly thinking I’m Failing. (Click here for a post I done a few months back writing about what has happened as of late). I really need to evolve & better myself & I know a lot of people in my age range are a bit baffled about what they want to do with their lives or how on earth they are going to make their dreams come true, or maybe they just need a nudge or some help to better them selves.

As I always say I Represent youth Culture & I want to help the Youth out, So I’m writing this Guide for myself to live by & hopefully you can take away something from this post & Better yourself as well.

If you know me personally, you know I’m Honest & upfront about my feelings & Problems, So yeah, I hope you can take something away from this & have more positive outlook after reading this.

1.No more stupid boy Goals

I really Love fashion & Rocking Fresh shit and stunting on you hoes lol, but Spending all your money on clothes, Hats, Trainers isn’t the lick anymore. I Realized there’s no point wasting my money on that stupid shit any more. I should be investing it in my business & saving it. Maybe you don’t piss away your money on clothes, maybe its on 1 Direction Merchandise, lol, Maybe its on Samurai swords. Basically if its something you don’t need, the message is clear which leads me to my next point.

1.Save Money

I’m just going to be honest, I’m honestly terrible with Money & I really need to start saving for my future & start saving up for a mortgage for a Nice flat, so I’m not going piss money away at my festivals & buying watered down pints for £6 lol

2. Get A Serious / Stable Job

I Have had A lot of odd jobs as off late, But I really need a stable Job, which will keep me focused & Organized I keep applying for jobs, no luck as of yet, but Hopefully I’ll find something soon. as I Said before in a previous post, “I either have to rob a bank, sell drugs or get a job in Tesco and work there for the rest of my life because at the moment I still feel like I’m fucked and I don’t know how I’m going to better my career.”

3.Help out the community out

I’ve always said this for a while which is one of my Life long goals, when I get a bit more successful & Stable, I Really want to give talks to kids in school about being successful and achieving your dreams, I want to inspire our future. Maybe you want to volunteer for local homeless shelter, Church or Charity shop. If your not doing it, Coming From Nike’s Motto & the wise words of Shia labouf “JUST DO IT”.

4.Help Mumsy out more

No mothers boy flex, But I love My mother & she has put up A lot with me and has always been there for me & She deserves A Lot & she is an Amazing woman. I Really want to make her Proud. I’m guessing you have some in your Life who has looked after you & who is always there for you, So make them feel appreciated. help them clean up the house or something & Take them out for dinner or cook them a nice meal or get them a card or something. Don’t take your loved ones for granted. DEM ONES INIT.

5. Tell you Significant other that you Love them

Lifes to short init, Tell that person you love them & They mean the world to you. Only say it if you truly mean it though.

6. Blog More, Further my Business, Further my creative Idea’s & Stop procrastinating

As like any young Person, I’m Lazy lol, I do procrastinate A lot, If I’m honest with myself. I have a very low attention span & find it really hard to concentrate. I’m working on it to be more Productive with my time, furthering myself & producing more content. If you have a Job or maybe even a few or maybe uni and a job as well, Just try and allocate a few hours to further your career / Dreams.

Cruising in the JAG  SKIRT


Real talk, I need to cop my whip and Chuck my Skate board in the Trunk & Cruise around London. I’ve Always wanted a car, I’M CAR CRAZY, but when I was about 16/17 I Found out you can buy a Jaguar sovereign from the Early 90’s for a few Hundred quid or a Really nice one for over a Grand. It is the car of my dreams and It has been one of my Dreams to get one of these especially because its more Realistic than Aiming able to afford a Ferrari F40 or a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Don’t worry I’m still aiming for that F40 lol. Maybe you don’t want a car maybe you want to go to some where really nice or Spend a few nights in the Versace hotel Or have a nice Classy meal at the Ritz. I know I talked about saving money but you have to Live a Little & enjoy life + It will motivate you more to get that high ticket Item or activity & you can look forward to something positive & fun in your life.

8. Drink Less

For the past year or So I’ve really realized, is it worth pissing away your money and waking up with a hangover from hell ? Don’t get me wrong, I love a Refreshing Beer & getting wavey with my friends. But I see people who get worse for wear & I think, how on earth are you enjoying this ? Maybe I’m just getting older & seeing what’s happening to them, which is why I have Decided to go T total for a while. I honestly suggest going out to a party or a club and being sober, Because I’ve done it & I still have a lot of fun.

I find it really sad people have to get intoxicated to have fun when they are out. I’m not into drugs but I don’t really judge people for doing them but I feel like a lot of people in my life are going in a bit too much. They are just Damaging them selves & not being productive. It’s sad. I know people do it to escape but Drugs & Alcohol are not the answer. I know it’s easier said than done. They might help ease the pain Temporarily, but in the long run they don’t help, They just destroy & Fuck you up if you over indulge on a constant basis.

9.Read More

I Haven’t read a book in a while & I recently read Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld. which I picked up in WHSmith for a £1. I thoroughly enjoyed the book & its gives a insight on Jeremy Clarkson, who you thought didn’t exist. I know he’s a right wing Tory, but in this book he seems like a compassionate Human who talks about social issues, Racism & Politics in a surprisingly Liberal way. I Highly recommend it. Even If your not a fan of the Former Top gear presenter. Just give read book and give it a go, it will open your mind. TRUST ME !

10. Go to the Gym more & be consistent

I’ve been a chubby fucker for too long, its time to look like a stud lol. Exercise is amazing ! Everytime I work out, I feel Great ! I highly recommend you put down that ps4 controller and start pumping the weights.

11. Work on your Flaws

None of us are perfect & there is no harm working at something you don’t excel in & progressing & bettering your self. Maybe you have a bad habit ? try & nip it in the bud.

12. Be positive

Honestly whats the point of being negative ? where does it get you ? Support the people you care about & Just be more positive. I really need to distance myself from negative people, it isn’t healthy.

13. Be more Polite & Gentlemen

Since a young age I have always strived in being well mannered & courteous, By holding doors & saying my please & Thank you, Helping people carrying heavy bags or giving up my seat to a elderly person or a pregnant woman & etc. But  there’s always room for Improvement.

I hope this helped you out & Helped you Reevaluate yourself.

Take care & God Bless

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