Meridian Dan – The Bits [Music Video]

Meridian dan  the bits

God knows how I’m writing this because the Laptop I’m using now should technically be in a million pieces and have tire marks from the 476 bus – if my past history with technology is anything to go by. I literally finished writing the whole review & spell checked it and proof read it. I was just about to post it. BUT then the whole post got deleted. I remained calm and didn’t even swear (This is coming from the person who gets relieved from stress and happy when he swears). I think someone put a curse on me with technology, I Love technology, but it seems if I touch it, it just dies 😦

Last month I had 2 Laptops that over heated which are now sleeping with the fishes & an iphone which I deliberately smashed to pieces out of anger the other week (Yes I know I’m an idiot). And awhile ago I had a brand new Cannon 600D, which was only a few weeks old & some drunk Neanderthal in Plan B in Brixton, spilt a pint on my shiny new expensive piece of kit, & wait there’s more……… but I’m not going to bring up all them wallet crippling moments in my life & open up the healed wounds.

Enough babbling on about my Life problems.

It’s time to talk about some GRIME !

When you hear this single on the radio you will never doubt who on earth is Spitting bars through the Air waves.

Of course It’s Meridian Dan with his unique Signature Skippy flow.

I have Always been a fan of Meridian Dan’s music, since the Meridian Crew days. From the get go Meridian Dan’s first single “German whip”. You know your going to get 3 things from the Tottenham MC, when he drops a single.

1. A very well done Sleek visual.

2. A professional and clean, yet still Grimey Production.

3.Fire Bars

Shout out to Boss man making a cameo in the Video, Smoking on that Loud, Cigarette.

Dan Even Name drops the Infamous Chicken shop in Tottenham “Chick king” Twice on “The bits”.

If you’re from Tottenham and don’t know about Chick King then GET TO KNOW !

 The notorious Chicken shop has been mentioned in various Grime tunes by Tottenham MC’s.

There is also a Really cool picture of Skepta In Chick King back in the day rocking his signature Russian Woolly hat, taken by Simon Wheatley featured in the Grime Picture book “Don’t call me Urban”.

Grime & Fried Chicken, is heaven to me ! Dan, You’re in my Good books !

“Man Can’t ring me for a tens, I don’t care if we are best Friends”

 P.S. Btw if your Reading this Meridian Dan, Tell President T to Release “Stranger Returns” I have been waiting for 5 years for that to drop.

Purchase “The Bits” : HERE



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