I haven’t done a Mixtape review in ages & I thought I’ll kick it off with a LIL B Mixtape.

Ultimate Bitch is another Classic Mixtape by the Base god himself, LIL B.

LiL B probably drops 3 or 4 Mixtapes for Free every year and you would think by now he would value his music a bit more by selling them, because most of the tracks on ultimate Bitch has me bumping & the Production is impeccable. although with songs like “Oakland to Berkley” with a dodgy voice crackling power ballad lets ultimate bitch Down.

The thing with Lil B is that not a lot of people take him seriously and think he’s “Whack”. With a lot of his songs, he is just a big troll to the rap game. with a few of songs on Ultimate bitch do have a deep meaning.

“I think I’m Base God Remix”, “Gucci Shotgun” & “Girl when I want you” are pure Bangers, I highly recommend you give them a listen if you can’t be bothered to listen to the whole Mixtape. even “No Black person is ugly” is quite catchy & does have a deep political meaning behind it but The Base god hides it very well with the child like chorus.

I would say Hoop Life is a tiny bit better than Ultimate Bitch which LIL B released a few months back, but It is definitely worth a Download.

Stream / Download : Ultimate Bitch

Check out the review I done for LIL B’s “Pink Flame” Mixtape I done a while back HERE.

Thank you Base God for giving us another Free Mixtape & That Pure fire !



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