gold in the mouth  mr.t remx riff raff

What a year it has been, In all honesty the work rate has been non existent this year, I have been through so much utter bollocks I can’t even be bothered to start explaining. I did write a bio about my life with what has happened this year but I decided to not post it up due to it being a bit too personal.

I have been trying to expand this site for a while  but the funds have drastically been holding me back from day one.

hopefully by next year I will have a clothing line behind my back, a redesigned website and a few of my other projects up and running.

Shout out to all of the supporters and everyone who has helped me out and checked out the site.

I want to thank my girlfriend Chrissy for being such a good help and for being such an amazing girlfriend. I also want to thank my best friends and especially Luke Crofton and big up to my Mum annd shout out to Luke fillery, Happy birthday for yesterday mate !

Callum Jack / MR.T REMIX



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