Hugo Stars – About That Life


I’m bombarded with emails and tweets with people  promoting UK rap tunes, Usually they are Generic, shit or these “Rappers” are acting like they are from America, Most of the time It’s all three ( For the record, I fucking hate UK rappers who act American, There’s nothing which pisses me off more ). Hugo Stars is such an amazing country side breath of fresh air to the Uk Rap scene. He’s Wavey, Trill & YES, he Does have American Influences “Sipping Lean till I Trip” I also like the Chopped & Screwed  vibe “Watch me around your girl, you aint Fucking her right” But you can definitely hear that British swagger through this Wavey laid back record with the calming guitar riffs ! If Hugo keeps his head down & puts in the work, he will defiantly have a good 2014 ahead of him. This is Hugo stars debut Visual which is taken from his debut Mixtape, Which will be released next month.

I also get a lot of doubt with Rappers, with their legitimacy, by what they rap about and how they stunt, But with Hugo Stars, I can tell he’s “About that life” .



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