Riff Raff first London show

I have been to so many gigs in my life, a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones in my time but I have never been this disappointed about one.

In the early hours of Friday morning  I was an absolute Twat by punching the wall and ended up in hospital and had a massive chat with the Nurse about me going to a gig tomorrow to see this guy called Riff Raff, she could see my excitement and it didn’t even cross my mind that my hand was broken and I probably shouldn’t go, she then handed me some Codeine for my hand and I told her about how popular it is with Rappers and that I will give some to Riff Raff when I see him, she replied saying I should sell them to him and I should have a few drinks to ease the pain (I’m still laughing now).

Another downer was that I just broke my brand new 600d, so I couldn’t even take pictures 😦

I have never been this hyped up for a Gig since I was about 15, it was the first time I saw JME perform @ The Astoria 2, The Ironic thing was when I went inside to get a Pint, I saw JME with Skepta & Jammer, I had a chat with JME and said I was surprised he was here because none of my black friends get him and they just think he is a joke but I’m glad he understands he is a genius. As you probably know Skepta sampled one of Riff Raff’s freestyle’s “Verscae Python” (Check it HERE). I wanted to take one of my black Friends to show her how amazing he is, but she pulled out at the last second and I’m kind of glad she did because she would have been right.

Riff Raff stormed onto the Stage at around 9.30 wearing a pair of vintage Cazal sunglasses, a Neff 5 panel with a white towel on top while also sporting a vest with a picture of himself on it. To much of my surprise, Dolla Bill gates was the hype man & Semtex on the decks. So I fought my way through the crowd to get to the front armed with a broken hand, A Pint of Budweiser and a crappy phone to take a few snaps with. Here was the best photo I manged to get.


Here’s the Setlist :

Panomera 911

Hologram Benz

Deion Sandals

Jose Canseco

Terror Wrist

Brain freeze

Sleepless In Seattle feat Dolla Bill gates

Now They Mad

Stacey’s Secret Room

Peppermint Tint

Trappin Like A Fool

Marc Jacobs
Lil Ma Ma I’m Sorry
Cuz My Gear feat. Chief Keef


 I did have to pinch my self that I was seeing Riff Raff perform in London for the First time but I was waiting for Riff  Raff to peak but he never did, half way through “CUZ MY GEAR ft CHIEF KEEF” (Obviously CHIEF KEEF wasn’t there), RIFF RAFF walked off stage and into the crowd, I thought the party was just about to get started but he walked to the exit, I was in so much shock, he wasn’t even on for a GOD damn hour.

He didn’t even play his hit “Larry bird”, which I was eagerly awaiting to hear, He didn’t even play “Air Canada ft Dolla bill gates”, seeing as Dolla bill gates was the Hype man seemed Insane that they didn’t even drop it.

 He also didn’t Perform Bird on a wire ft Action Bronson, Neon Freedom, Time, Chop another rock, Non stop ft Andre Legacy & Rice out.

You would have thought that it was his first show in London, he would make an effort and in his words “Bring the Rice out”.

Maybe he has just lost the plot or it was just a publicity stunt but a few days ago he done a 8 minute Freestyle and then broke his chain or maybe he does actually have an excuse for his performance.

I can only compare the night to a relationship  You have hyped it up so much and you are so hyped, Gassed, happy & excited. You have told all of your friends about it and it was such a let down.

I’ll give Riff Raff another chance but he better Improve his performance next time I see him.



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