Skepta ft Jewels – Somebody’s Everything [Official video]


Skepta drops another video for one of his tracks, off his latest Mixtape “Blacklisted

Skepta sends out a very good message to society. Talking about “fake beauty” with photo shopped pictures in publications while girls suffer from being insecure and have eating disorders because of this. It isn’t a common thing for rappers to talk about women in such a good light, they are usually very superficial and derogatory when it comes down to women in their lyrics !

Shout out to Skepta, breaking the stereo type and being a good role model. I already had a lot of respect for you but it has drastically increased.

Defiantly don’t just listen to the song, watch the video, you will be moved by the song as well as the video.

Remember beauty is in the beholder and it isn’t all about looks !

Purchase “Blacklisted




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