LIL B – Pink Flame (Free Download) (Mixtape Review)


The Extremely Excentric Rapper, LiL B Drops his Latest Mixtape During the Super bowl,  which is absolutely insane doing in America, as you would probably guess every American was focused on the super bowl, But what do  you expect from the spontaneous rapper. It wasn’t that of a bad Idea when he only released it a few days ago and  has over 25,000 downloads.

 I can easily say with no regret Pink Flame is all about the Instrumentals.

If you listen through “Pink Flame” you will get the Impression quite quickly, it is an utter mish mash of chopped  up instrumentals with REAL Freestyle bars.

3 tracks  through Pink flame I come across “Eat”, it starts off with a nursery rhyme then evolves into a deep power ballad, Lil B puts on a smooth Barry white voice & enthusiastically claims “You know I eat pussy” I burst out laughing uncontrollably while choking on my tea.

It’s obviously a joke  but I’m understanding more now  what LiL B  is about with his very own  Genre of music “Based music”, which, essentially is Experimental Hip hop on another level out of space. The distortion on vocals is Insane and sometimes unlistenable, A perfect Example is “1000 bitches” with the played out Super Mario samples .  If you’re a fan of Chief Keef definitely check out “Can’t fuck my bitch” below with LIL B going over the “SOSA” instrumental. I really do respect LIL B  for what he is doing with the Based Movement. A lot of people do get it but a lot of people don’t at the same time. Definitely Listen to a few of his songs  and don’t judge him from 1 or 2 tracks because you will  find strikes of genius with a few of his songs.

Download : LIL B’s Pink Flame Mixtape




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