RiFF RaFF & Dollabillgates – Air Canada [Official video]

Riff raff russian standard

The Houston Rapper drops a very well flowing tune with Dolla Bill gates, it’s easily one of the best RiFF RaFF songs to date ( Produced by Vico X Marv ).

Riff’s last collaboration with Dolla bill gates was “Sleepless in Seattle” which has reached 743,000 views in the space of three months. They both compliment each other very well when they collaborate together, so I hope this won’t be their last collab but I highly doubt it.

RiFF RaFF has been very experimental with his songs as of late with his first few songs of the year such as “White silk pants” & “Ace of Space” . He is getting more confident with his flow & style. I know his songs lack a deep meaning, but I listen to so much music with a deep meaning, it’s just nice to get away and let your hair down.

In addition, Riff Raff is impeccable at what he does.

Jody High roller may have a lot of haters due to the fact that he isn’t your typical “generic rapper”. RiFF RaFF is doing RiFF RaFF, no other rapper is doing what he is doing furthermore if another Artist tried to replicate his music, it will be a catastrophic fail. You can compare him to LiL B in many ways but I’m not going to go down that road and I’m babbling on.

The Internet is blowing up for the most viral Rapper ever, Space is the limit for the former S.O.D money gang member.

He can rap, sing & this song Probably only took an hour to finish, PURE GENIUS.



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