FINALLY , Tempa T is releasing his Debut Mixtape / Album / EP,  as in Entitled on the cover.

I have been waiting for this since 2008,  around 2007  Tempa T said on various radio sets, Freestyles & Youtube video’s he would be Releasing ‘2000 & PAX’ in 2008. Sadly it never surfaced and die-hard fans like me have been Grasping on to his radio rips on Youtube praying for a Mixtape.

Then  ‘2000 & PAX’ fazed out & was renamed ‘DUN KNOW DA DUN KNOW’  there was still no sign of a Release but many promises were broken. For the past year or so, we have been left in the dark without anyway release of a Mixtape. Tempz has still been prominent in the Grime scene,  doing various shows,Freestyles, A parody running for The London Mayor with Vice and Releasing ‘Say it right now’.

Finally ! we have all been Blessed with a Release date of his well anticipated debut Album.

Hopefully ‘All star pars’ will be released on The 21st of December, just before Christmas, so you can play through ‘All star Pars’ while Eating your Christmas Dinner

There’s been no word on a Track list or if there is going to be physical release or if it is just going to be a Digital Release. It isn’t up on I tunes yet to Pre order but keep an Eye on MRTREMIX.COM and Tempa T’s twitter.

Hope fully ‘Watch the Skank’, ‘RBX’, ‘New Day’, ‘Battle Riddim’, ‘Shittard’, ‘Are you on this ting ?’, ‘Boy off Da ting’, ‘Ring off da Ting’,’Spray dem’ are on the Album.



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