Hitman Absolution, Launch Trailer & Quick fire review

 I have been waiting for this Game for  6 years, I have been a fan of the Series from the First Game on PS2 ‘Silent Assassin’  and yes I’m aware of the First Hitman Game ‘Codename 47’.

As you Know Agent 47 is back !

I really don’t want to give you any spoilers at all but I am going  after a good few hours of the Game, It is Bloody Amazing !  Gameplay, The story, Graphics, everything !

It is very hard if you want to achieve the Silent Assassin class but it is very Rewarding.

I can easily say it is one of the Games of the year.

I would go into more detail about the Game mechanics  & etc, but I have barely had any sleep in the past few days but I want to just put it out, how amazing this Game is.

It was really worth the wait.

Buy it on PS3 and Xbox 360 at your local or online Video game retailer now.

 Check out The  Trapstar X Hitman absolution Collaboration. I went to the launch party on Monday and it was a madness.

Check the Collaboration HERE.



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