There isn’t really many White Rappers for some Reason. The very few there are, there’s A lot shit ones, especially in Grime when you get them whinny ones *COUGH* *COUGH* SOX, DEVLIN, PROFESSOR GREEN !

Then you have a lot of Short Lived Rappers such as Vanilla ICE with “Ice Ice Baby”, which Arguably funded Death row Records, which then Funded Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and 2 pac to further their Career.

 Also the famous WWE Wrestler, John Cena who Released one Album entitled “You can’t See me”,  which was Fucking amazing and I’m not one bit embarrassed to admit I bought it ! … ( well I was 13).

Also Beastie Boys Get a mention but seeing as they were a Group, they can’t be chucked on the list.

So In no Actual order, here is MR.T REMIX’S TOP 5 FAVOURITE WHITE RAPPERS



If you have been going on MRTREMIX.COM on a regs  You know MR.JODY HIGHROLLER would be on this list.

The off the wall Rapper has really got me Addicted to his Designer mind-boggling bars.

Riff  Raff has really brought a big change to the HIP HOP SCENE and is definitely going to be a big name for 2013.


Eminem Sold the most records in the Noughties and was My favourite Musician when I was a kid. There isn’t really anything to say about Eminem, he is very controversial, very popular and changed the hip hop scene for Good by making it more commercially viable. With no shadow of a doubt he is one of the best rappers in the world.



Some People Call the Grime Artist From E3  “The white Tempa T”. The thing I love about Discarda  is that he’s himself, A lot of white rappers seem like they are putting on an act or trying to fit in with the rude boys or trying to be accepted by the fans. Discarda acts and sounds like one of them Cockney Geezer’s from the local pub. He has his own style and take on the Grime scene and doesn’t conform to your stereotypical Grime Mc.


Necro is one of the most prolific & Vulgar Rappers  you will ever meet. The Creator of The “Death Rap” Genre has been going since the early 90’s and is still releasing Material. You think your average rapper is Derogatory to women, well Necro is 2000 times worse. If you haven’t herd his LL Cool J Parody of  “I need love”, then you are missing out.

Action Bronson 

I have really been getting into The chef from Queens (Evidently Raps about food). His flow is so relaxed which reflects with his Personality or maybe he’s just stoned, maybe just both ? It’s a funny story how Action Bronson Became a Rapper, A few years back he broke his ankle and while he was recuperating, he had a lot of spare time on his hands and started rapping and now has been recently signed to Vice and will be touring with Cypress Hill. he is also good Friends with the Legendary Hip hop Producer “Alchemist” so expect a lot of Good Collaborations.

So that’s a list of my 5 Favourite white Rapppers.

Hopefully I’ll have a list for another subject by the end of the year.

If you agree or disagree, Drop a Comment !




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