Kozzie Ft JME – I’M GRIME ( REVIEW )

 A unusual collaboration, But as we all know MC’s are trying to prove to them selves and their fans they are “Grime”. As you all probably know a lot of Mc’s from the Grime scene try to break through to the main stream and make a pop dancey tune to fill up their pockets. I have no problem with Grime artists making a dance tune or delving into other genre’s of music to experiment but there’s a fine line between experimenting and making a good song or just utter shit.  I’m getting tiresome of the subject because that’s the only thing what I hear about Grime now a days, “This guy sold out ” “This Mc is a fag because he made a Love song” and etc.  Evidently Jme and Kozzie don’t really need to say they are Grime, or prove to anyone it isn’t like they done a song with JLS or something, we do know lads. I’m Still not really keen on The whiney chorus though.

Seeing as Its JME and Kozzie, they both have a very Loyal fan base, it is inevitably going to sell. It also helps that Teddy has yet again made another Great instrumental, It’s not my favourite Grime Track of the year but it is growing on me.

Purchase “I’m Grime” on Itunes.

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