Blue Gold x Akomplice

In an industry maligned by repetition, Akomplice continues to blaze a trail with their newest collaboration that serves the world. Akomplice has linked up with the documentary film Blue Gold: World Water Wars to offer a concise and socially conscious line of t-shirts and water bottles. The project seeks to raise awareness for the impending world water crisis and is a truly charitable effort, as Akomplice will donate 100% of the profits from the collection to the Food & Water Watch, an organization striving to ensure the safe and sustainable production of our food and water. For those unaware, the 2008 documentary film by Sam Bozzo paints a bleak picture in which there is shifting paradigm as wars are fought over control of the world’s water supply rather than oil.

Akomplice has made use of the film’s provocative water jug cover art, symbolically retrofitted as a grenade on a range of three t-shirts. Through the collaboration, Akomplice seeks to raise awareness for the cause by offering the full feature documentary gratis with the purchase of any Akomplice x Blue Gold product. Akomplice has taken a stance with the Blue Gold collaboration to protect our most precious resource, and in so doing has opened an avenue of sociopolitical communication within the streetwear community that may not have existed otherwise.


100% of the profits donated to Food & Water Watch All t-shirts and water bottles come with the full length Blue Gold documentary in limited edition packaging at no extra charge.Releases September 3rd Labor Day on Akomplice Webstore.



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