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 Who wants to Win a £30,000  trip to New Zealand and bring 3 of your Friends ?  Well I certainly do !  As you can see above I’m willing to give  away my ps3 which is my prized possession, but it is defiantly worth it. Let me know what stuff you would trade for this amazing experience.

Well how do you enter ?

 All you’ve got to do is submit a video or a photo of what you would trade for a trip to New Zealand – making sure it’s a real object! Choose three of your best friends that you want to come along with you, and then share your entry round via Facebook/ Google+/ Twitter to get as many votes as possible. I would suggest telling your friends  you will bring them if they vote for you.

There is also a second prize draw just for voting! Vote for an entry and be in to win flights for two to New Zealand.


City Splendour 

Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland. New Zealand’s three largest cities. Beautiful by  themselves, but it’s what you can do in 30 minutes that makes them so unique. From going to a downtown club to whale watching. From eating at the hottest restaurants in town to catching some more in the harbor. From wearing the best from kiwi designers to seeing kiwi birds in the wild. You can go off the beaten track and moments later be relaxing at a boutique hotel. The natural city sites are equally as wondrous  as the man-made and you will be given the VIP access to all of it.

Culture Kaboom

New Zealand’s volcanic past has shaped both its infamous landscape and the culture of its people. This experience has plenty of both.

First, land in a city that lies over 50 volcanoes and that’s where your trip starts to heat up. As you head east you’ll see the earth come alive with boiling mud pools, steaming geysers and a hot water beach.

This fiery landscape is also the heartland of Maori culture. This is your chance to experience authentic New Zealand hospitality. Make friends with the locals while you dig a hangi, visit a marae and fish for your dinner. You’ll feel like a true blue kiwi in no time.

Thermal wonders, welcoming people, breathtaking landscapes and legends of the land- it’s why tourists have come to New Zealand since tourists first set foot here and it’s still just as hot. Now’s your chance to become part of the story of New Zealand and add your own exciting twist to the tale.

Personally I would Probably go for City Splendor because its my sort of style. Also taking your friends and maybe a Girl back to a Boutique hotel after a cool night of partying would be amazing.

I have posted many competitions on but this competition is amazing you really can’t sleep on this one.

So get your video and photo submissions in and you could win a trip of a lifetime.

BTW if you win, make sure to take MR.T REMIX as one of your Friends.

Sumbit  your entries @


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