You’re thinking why would I watch this?  But it was actually a really good film, packed with amazing dance routines, New Era hats,urban clichés and with the obvious love story chucked in for good measure.  At the start of the film I was blown away with the girls in bikinis and pimped out Low Riders in the lovely sunny Miami (what more can a man ask for )? Then all these people come out of nowhere and start dancing like one of them flash mobs you see on Youtube, but these guys were a sort of gang called “The Mob”, so more organized than an average flash mob – where its organized on Facebook etc.  I do like the fact that they had a go at capitalism, but the film kind of contradicted itself with a lot of obvious product placement.  But hey, we all need  to make money!   Also my favourite part of the film was the soundtrack I had my head constantly nodding throughout the film.

I don’t really want to give the story away, but I do recommend it !

Maybe take a girl to this one and take her out for a few drinks beforehand.

And I do kind of wish Miami was a bit like London now.



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