As of late Big Narstie has the Grime scene by the balls with his VERY  addictive Catch phrases such as “HELLO HI”, “YESSSSSSS”, “BASE” and of course “PAIN”.

Gimmicks aside, Big Narstie has been in the scene for years and was very Relevent in the Channel U days and has released many Mixtapes over the past few years and kind of fizzled out after Channel U was renamed to Channel AKA, he was still in the scene and was still releasing stuff but didn’t really have the hype around him that he use to have but now he has probably double the hype now compared to Channel U days. For the past year or so, Big Narstie really has shown his relevance to the scene and has made it progress in many ways.

The Mixtape is Amazing and you need to download it  NOW !

Download “Pain is Love”

 22 tracks By Big Narstie for free ! So what more could you ask for ?

That is defiantly not #PAIN

Get your #Pain T shirts HERE.

Follow Big Narstie on Twitter : @bignarstie



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