As you may or may not I am a Gamer  but I do find it hard to fit big Gaming sessions in with my busy schedule but I do watch a lot of Gaming video’s.

So here is a list of my favorite gaming channels.

 Also the Last Channel is not one of my favorite’s, it’s just interesting how this guy makes money from his video’s I’m actually astounded  that your can essentially be a prick and “Troll”  People and make money From it ?  But I’ll leave that channel to the last.


I really don’t know how I found out about Driftor on Youtube but what I really  Like About him is that he gives Life lessons while Playing Call of Duty and I find it actually amazing. I really don’t understand why he Isn’t a Youtube Partner yet.

Driftor’s Youtube Channel 

Follow Driftor on Twitter : @Drift0r

Guru Larry

I remember seeing Guru Larry on Gamer Network on Sky many years ago when i was 10 or even Younger. He does Quite funny video’s and they are very British.

Guru Larry’s Youtube Channel

Follow Guru Larry on Twitter : @LarryBundyJr

Champ Chong

Champ Chong does Gaming orientated News video’s which are done very professionally that have jaw dropping  Tabloidy Title’s  for the video’s which are not that in depth  but are perfect if you are in a hurry and want to get all the latest Gaming news.

Champ Chong’s Youtube Channel

Follow Champ Chong on Twitter : @ChampChong

Classic Game Room

I actually do Love Classic Game room ! Every video Mark makes is Gold ! My one and only Complaint is that he Bleep’s out his swearing, well I say FUCK THAT ! Founded in 1999 it was the First Internet Gaming show on the Internet.  The Classic Game reviews Retro Games & Consoles to Latest Games, console’s and Hardware and even Pinball machines.

Classic Game room’s Youtube Channel

Classic Game room’s Twitter : @ClassicGameRoom


What can I say about Machinima ? Well its one of the best Gaming Channel’s on Youtube and anything Gaming Related, you Go to Machinima its that Simple.

Machinima’s Youtube Channel

Follow Machinima on Twitter : @Machinima_com


 If you don’t know about the Angry video Game Nerd then get to know its hilarious. Cinmassacre also do Film reviews so check them out.

Cinemassacre’s Youtube Channel

Follow Cinemassacre on Twitter : @Cinemassacre

Nerd Cubbed

I have been really getting into this guys Channel. I do really enjoy his Gameplay commentary’s.

Nerd Cube’s Youtube Channel

Follow Nerd Cubbed on Twitter : @DanNerdCubed


My favorite series of  JERiiCHO’s is “Fuck this Game”. If you want to have a good laugh check out his video’s. I do get the Impression that he needs to go out a bit more and draw some gash and get pissed though…. Your only young once mate !

 IIJERiiCHOII’S Youtube channel

Follow IIJERiiCHOII on twitter :@IIJERiiCHOII

The Deluxe 4

This is the last channel I was telling you about. This is whats wrong with Gaming it proves the stereo type of Gamer and gives bad names for real Gamers. He gives us the Impression he has no life and has no social skills what so ever. I’m astounded he makes money out of this and he’s a  Youtube Partner for just being a Cunt or as many of you call it a “Troll” ?

Which he is Essentially being a bully.

I do find it fascinating though, like how does this guy tick ?

He is Quite elusive and has never showed his face, it kind of proves everyone’s point that he is a Neek.

Who watches his Videos  and what type of people are they ?

Well it works for Him and he is making a living out of it so I salute him.

Deluxe’s Youtube Channel

Follow Deluxe on Twitter : @TheDeluxe4

Well they where my Favourite Gaming Channels

Hope you enjoyed it and follow me on Twitter




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