(Sponsored Video) Seductive Motion

Samsung have brought out this Cracking motion sense Tv, It kind of reminds me of the Xbox 360 Kinect device which pretty much does what the tv does but in Samsung’s favour it is all built in with the tv and it isn’t another peripheral that is going to clog up space. If you told me about this tv 10 years ago i would’ve said that will happen in the Future, but we are living in it now.

I am looking for a new Tv so I might go to Comet and check it out for my self. I also believe that this is one of the first TV’s to us this type of technology as well.The advert is absolutely amazing it’s a shame they didn’t put the advert on the TV though. I don’t think there is any need now though, the Video has received over 10,000,000 hits which is just amazing !

Check out more info Here.




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