NIKE AIR YEEZY 2 (Release date, Price & where to buy)

Released on the 9th of June. If you get  a pair of these  you will defiantly Get the biggest street cred & will Defiantly get you laid, there is no shadow of a doubt. Get camping outside your local Street wear Shops and Hopefully your Wallet can take a battering for the £210 Price Tag !

These will be available in Foot Patrol in Oxford Circus, Apply to buy a pair HERE.

More Info at

I think they are one of the very few stores in London selling the Nike Yeezy’s

I could Post a Massive List of places of buying Yeezy II’s all over the world, but seeing as MR.T REMIIX is a London Based Blog I thought i would only write about Foot Patrol, So I Suggest Googling it !

The Re Sell Price is going to be Moesh.

Good luck Getting a pair !




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2 responses to “NIKE AIR YEEZY 2 (Release date, Price & where to buy)

  1. juju

    What’s going on man I’m juju and I’m in Orlando Florida USA and they got the mind on this oval here. If you got the scoop on stateside locations I would greatly appreciate it fam. Thanx man.

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