Mikill Pane – You Guest it

MIKILL PANE is a Rapper from Hackney with Qualities which I have wanted in an Artist for GOD knows how long (A  Hippster’ish Rapper from the UK).

The best selling point about MR.PANE is that he is compatible with the Indie crowd as well as with the urban crowd, which no other Act in the Uk can say that they are doing. Of course you can say Lethal Bizzle done it back in 2007 Collaborating Grime & Indie in his Album ‘Back to Bizznizz’ working with artists such as Pete Doherty and Kate nash to name a few,  but it was sadly a short-lived phase.

With most of His song’s you can hear the Indie influence but at the same time he is essentially Rapping.

The You Guest it EP starts out with an eerie Intro of an Organ with a young woman announcing “Hi my names Katie hurt, you probably don’t know me, Andy Warhol said that everybody will be famous for 15 minutes, This is a few seconds of my time, ill be back soon for my 14 or so minutes, in the mean time welcome to You Guest it BRAAAAAAP”. You never really get Deep meaning sayings in Urban mixtape’s. Just for instance Imagine if you herd that in a 50 cent Album ?

The You Guest it EP has collaborations with P money, Example, Fem Femel and Ed Sheeran.

I suggest you Download It, well its free so it’s not going to harm your Wallet.

This is Mikill Pane’s  5th EP and it defiantly won’t be the last.

So watch out for Mikill pane, the only place for this Geezer is UP !

Download You Guest it HERE.

Follow Mikill  Pane : @MikillPane





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