Swatch touch Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Inspired by the sounds and the rhythms of cities on the edge, Swatch’s designers have taken street-smart trends straight to the wrist: Swatch Touch blends the Swiss brand’s flair for on-trend colours with sharp, easy-to-read colour touch displays and high-tech timing functions. The case, 39 mm wide and 52.5 mm tall, provides plenty of space for the big, brightly lit display. Both new models pack a powerful mix of contemporary trends and advanced digital technology. The first is the stylish black and grey skull-patterned Swatch Touch Skull and the second a star-studded purple and white beauty, Swatch Touch Star.

The high-tech touch screen gives Swatch Touch owners easy access to six digital functions: time (2 zones, t1 & t2), date, chrono, alarm, timer and beep, using finger-taps and sideways scrolls. The curved plastic glass display and coloured LCD present Arabic numerals in a big, stylish font drawn to make the most of the watch’s shape, and the screen’s built-in backlight assures easy readability at all times. Swiss-made quality and ergonomic design—the watch head and strap are perfectly integrated—make every Swatch Touch a joy to wear.
Swatch Touch Star – $140.00:
Swatch Touch Skull – $140.00:

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