ASHENS, to put simply, is a Youtube legend. A comedian from Norwich who reviews knock off Gaming consoles, gadgets, action figure’s, things from poundland and of course general TAT ! He is extremely funny I honestly could re watch all the video’s he has ever made, so it probably makes sense why I have been watching his video’s for the past 5 year’s of my life.

Here is one of my many favourite video’s of his.

Check out his YouTube channel HERE.

Hello Ashens how are you today ? 

 I am riddled with the infernal pox.

 What is your favourite video you have ever made  ? 

I think I enjoy ‘Tufty The Squirrel Is Very Naughty’ the most.  Sadly it’s difficult to get away with using existing footage these days.

 You have reviewed a lot of action figures, but never one of britains best action figure, Action man ? 

That is true.  I generally only look at fakes and knock-offs – the closest I’ve come to an Action Man was a fake Max Steel.

 How did you find the infamous fake psp  (Pop station) ?  

It came from eBay after I saw someone mention it on a forum.  (Most of the early knock-offs came from eBay.)

 What’s your day job or are Youtube paying you enouugh to Quit it yet ?  

 Writing and performing has been my only job for several years now.  YouTube don’t pay me anything directly these days as I go through an intermediary that sells adverts.

 What is you  favourite thing you have reviewed ?

 Probably the Open Pandora, the nifty DS-sized computer which can emulate loads of old game systems.

 One of the main reasons i have been watching your video’s for the past few years is because your witty and very funny, have you ever thought of doing stand up ?

 No – it’s not something I have any experience with.  And I’d pretty much have to give up everything else to try it, as it takes months of live rehearsal to pin down material that really works.

 You have reviewed a lot of fake gadgets such as Iphone’s, I pod’s, psp’s action figures & various other knock off thing’s from Pound land but is there anything  you want to review  that you haven’t yet ? 

 There’s an LCD handheld game called “Bin Laden vs USA” which is in appalling taste, as the name suggests.  It involves you shooting down aircraft which are trying to fly into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The reason I want to get hold of one is that it appears to be a modified version of the “submarine invasion” POP Station game!

 You released a Dvd in 2008 are you planning to re release it or make a new one ? 

 I was originally planning to release a second DVD within a year of the first, but sending them all out was such tedious work that I never got round to it.  I did look into selling them directly through Amazon, but I’m so far behind now that I’d have to release about 3 DVD’s to get up to date…

 In your video’s and tv appearances is there a reason why you wear a suit with a red tie is it sort of based on agent 47 from the Hitman series ? 

 No, it predates the Hitman games by several years.  Back in 1998 I took some photos for the website I had, and just dressed up in a suit I had for job interviews so I looked vaguely smart.  The red tie actually belonged to my dad – mine were patterned and looked a complete mess when shot with my early digital camera (Agfa ePhoto 307, photography fans!).  I stuck with it as it was distinctive and required no real effort to reproduce.

 I’ve attached a copy of the original suit and tie picture for your viewing pleasure.  It is now 14 years old, which terrifies me.

 What do you do with the stuff after you review it ?  

 If it’s electronic tat, I store it in plastic boxes in my garage.  If it’s from Poundland it usually goes straight in the bin.

 What is the weirdest thing some one has sent you for you to review ? 

 A pair of incredibly realistic prosthetic feet.  I think it was less “please review these” and more “these will scare the shit out of you when you first open the box.”

What is your favourite video game of all time ?

That’s a difficult one!  I’m going to list a few in no particular order:  Chaos Strikes Back (Atari ST), Renegade (Spectrum), Shining Force 3 (Saturn), Demons Souls (PS3), Earth Defence Force 2017 (360), Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (Dreamcast), Chaos (Atari ST freeware remake), Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (iPad).  I know the last one is actually an implementation of a card game but I DON’T CARE.

 Any last words ? 



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  1. kanped

    Not to be pedantic but if you’re trying to be a writer, you desperately need to improve your grammar. It’s really off-putting.

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