President T – Thug Life

President T Taken By MR.T REMIX.jpg

Photo taken by MR.T REMIX 

The President drops a very hard Banger dedicated To Tupac entitled “Thug Life”.

I have Been hearing this on Spyro’s show on Rinse & have downloaded one of his sets on Soundcloud & Literally Replayed the snippet prior to the release & Now I can listen to listen to the full song & even watch the video on SBTV ūüôā

The Song starts off with a Vibe interview with Tupac, Then President T drops his Legendary unique flow & then cuts into another Snippet of the Tupac interview, then resumes to Prez T dropping FIRE !

At the end of song, President T gives us some Advice, Proclaiming that he’s done his Grind & you have to too.

For the Last few years I thought President T was so severely underrated but as of late, A lot of people have clocked onto how Good the Bloodline mc is.

This is easily one of my favourite songs of the year & will be featured on my post of my Favourite songs on the year.

Purchase or Stream “Thug Life” HERE.




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GRANDMIXXER – People over money E.P *Review*


“People over money” ? Seem’s more nice than “Money over everything ” which P money entitled ¬†2 albums,”Money over everything” & “Money over everything 2” Which where undeniable Fire, But I Digress.

The South London Producer & Novelist’s official DJ comes in very heavy with “People over money”, the first track of the E.P which has consistently been dropping on his epic sets on Rinse Fm & NTS.

“Australia” is another Eary banger but my Favourite track on the E.P Has to be the Last track “New Zealand”. It is just EPIC !

It’s sound is a very deep Grime Instrumental with depth furthermore with Power which would be perfect to spit at the end of the set at a rave or even just the instrumental ride out.

grandmixxer-editedGRANDMIXXER after his set at ICA for BoilerRoom, 2014 taken by MR.T REMIX

GRANDMIXXER isn’t really comparable to another GRIME DJ / Producer, Yet he is easily one of my favourite Grime DJ’s, No question at all !

¬†So, I’m Going to let his Productions do the talking,

Listen & Purchase GRANDMIXXER’S “People Over Money” HERE.

Check out GRANDMIXXER’S latest set on Rinse FM, The Instrumentals are RAW & BONES Grime, I have had it on a constant repeat as of late. Literally The first 13 minutes are of GRANDMIXXER Mixing his tunes & setting a blaze to the decks & to your ears ! Then kicks in with Nottingham MC, Uncle Mez spitting flames & later on Killa P Blesses Mic.

¬†Also some of my pictures I have taken of GRANDMIXXER are featured on the cover of “People Over Money”. I’ll let you try and find ones I took in the collage of pictures.



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2 weeks in July I headed down to MODE FM to take some pictures & to listen to J beatz & spooky shell down on MODE FM. I even spent the night before my 23rd bithday at mode and I entered the ripe of age of 23 listening to Grime on a wave. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday could I ?

Massive shout out to J BEATZ

Catch his Show on Mode FM every Thursday 7-9





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Under a Arch above a Trainline in west London Beat Boss 4 is in full swing I was running late & just passed through for a bit & then rolled to link a date nearby.

The night was sick S/O to Tiatsim, Mode FM, all the Producers on the night : Sware, Huffy, Sirpixalot, Scope,Shem, Mistakay, Potentz, Mischief. The judges : Treble Clef, Discarda, Spooky, J Beatz, Zha

My Favourite Dubplate of the night was Mischief’s Dub for Potentz with Killa P on Vocals. That was fire !

Listen to the full clash below

DL link HERE.


IMG_6420 - Edited.jpg



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Paper Pabs – Pyrex Papers *Review*


Pabby Wabby, The Man, The Myth is back with another banging Project “Pyrex Papers”.

I’m really liking the Massive Pyrex Logo. The Bloodine member always does good covers by usually nicking well known brands and them putting his own twist on it with using a Dom perignon bottle for “The man the Myth” and using the Versace Medusa ¬†for “More Myths”.

He’s also good with his intros they are usually really slick or quite haunting with “like I’m ace” with a creepy priest praying “lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil”. Then with Og sauce with nittys talking about smoking crack. then with bonus track entitled “Randy savage”, You guessed it ! The infamous wrestler “put that thing down”Ft Big H.

He’s also good with his beat choice especially with the INSANE sample of the Orange is the New black theme tune, Regina Spektor – You’ve got time, on “Second time around”. I Really love this songs I’ve had it on Repeat A LOT for the past few weeks. My favourite line on the song is “Doesn’t matter, Same man in some beat up nike’s will fuck a man’s Gal that wears Giuseppes, B, Trust me bruv, loyalty is scarce B, Doesn’t matter,doesn’t matter at all bruv, just get your money & dip out fam”.

The biggest thing that pissed me off was that Pabs didn’t have the Aint Safe Meridian mix.

I was meaning to blog it But so much stuff got in the way, I Remember it dropped around carnival and had this on a Serious Repeat. This is song is FIRE. I wish they made a video for this ! I can imagine the sample playing while they are in a Blacked out whip ballied up, driving recklessly down from Meridian through Tottenham High road to Seven Sisters, then through Tiverton, SKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRRT ! Hopefully Skepta will perform this at Ally pally on the 2nd of December with Pabs & Bossman !  I Really hope there will be a release for it.

Purchase “Pyrex Papers” on Itunes HERE.

Make sure you cop Some Bloodline Merch @

I’ve just copped A Boss & Paper Tracksuit.

Follow Paper Pablo on Twitter :  @pabbywabby


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Novelist – #PissTake


Photo taken by MR.T REMIX


Novelist Drops a new Freestyle with with Link up TV outside Brockley Station.

NOV GOES IN ! On one of my favourite Grime instrumentals “Runnin” a refix of The Games ft Tony yayo ¬†“Runnin”, Refixed by Frett which I bought 2 copies of it on vinyl the other month.

Novelist would only post it up before he got 1000 Retweet’s.

I made sure I had to give it a RT & I’m Glad it did because its easily one of my favourite Freestyles of the year.


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Capo lee – Why not 2 *Mixtape*


Photo taken by MR.T REMIX 

Capo lee is Back with “Why not 2” with 10 tracks only taking 10 hours to put together ! Thats mad ! with some mc’s it takes them 10 months chatting shit about they are going to release their new mix tape on twitter & never materialises. Why not Features P money, YGG, Spyro, JD reid, D.O.K, Wardot, Spooky & Nico Lindsay. Check out the full Mixtape mixed by Scope Exclusively on Red bull’s official website. Check it¬†HERE.

Follow Capo lee on Twitter  : @CapoLee100


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Still a G at 23


It’s 12 am on Monday & I have just woken up from a long shift at work & I feel like this is the time to write it now. Last year when I turned 22 I wrote a post how to better myself & progress in my life. Check it out HERE. The year that has gone passed, I really have learned a lot of Progressed & matured in my life a lot but as always there’s still more room for improvement & I know where I want to be & as they always say Rome wasn’t built in a day, I still have A lot to learn & things to improve on.

What I’ve thought about a lot lately is that Life is very precious & make the most of it & do the things that make you happy, it might sound very cliche & etc but its really true.

The thing is as well if you Pardon my french but in Life there’s no point in life being a cunt . There’s no point being constantly negative and especially towards people and bringing them down & hating. Just be positive and Encourage yourself, family & friends to thrive to be better Human beings.

We are all in our own Lane and can do anything we want and we can follow our dreams, For instance, I really love Grime & Love going to Grime raves & taking pictures, that makes me really happy. You might be reading this and Really want to Open up a Ice cream business or you really want to start getting into golf. what ever it is, in the words of Shia la beouf & Nike’s infamous slogan ¬†“Just do it“.

Honestly do what you want that makes you happy.

Life has been a massive roller coaster as of late but I’m beginning to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel if I keep my head down & keep grinding, I will get there & you will too if you are determined too.

Peace, Love, Good vibes & Respect


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On a wednesday evening you would of probably seen me in all white rushing through Camden after work thinking I’m running late to Camden Round house.

What a night to Remember the 2nd annual KA & GRM Daily Rated awards was GASSED !

Easily one of the best evening’s of the year !

I Literally can’t wait for next year.

Check out who won HERE.

S/O to all the Winners, GRM DAILY, Posty, KA, Alize, Disrupt & J Beatz



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We begin on a Sunday morning in Tottenham, I wake up hazey eyed & Scroll through my phone & see Novelist is performing at the new foot locker in Brixton. I rush down & catch a very epic set. The full set of pictures of novelist will be up soon but I chucked a little teaser below.

I then catch my good friend Crofton & link him in Brixton then we roll to Notting hill and have a little skate session, then we roll through Sloane square & then we catch a drink in Dalston.

Monday hits & My Cousin Raph linked me at mine and Linked my G, Mani at Seven sisters then done a mad Illuminati tube route to carnival*I’m not going to tell you the route* & Then caught my Bredin Fillery & caught the waves, The Holy water (Red Stripe) & Alize was heavily being sipped throughout the day & got some very Tasty Curry Goat.

Notting hill carnival is AMAZING !

It’s a MASSIVE¬†London street party, I’m with all my friends & A constant flow of Good vibes, The best Food to ever exist, A continuous amount of Smiles all around, NON STOP Redstripe & Hot spices & I can hear Grime & wile the fuck out ! Carnival for me is¬†HEAVEN¬†!

I literally see Carnival on Monday as Chirstmas day.

S/O  To all my Brothers I rolled with. All my Friends I Bumped into, All of the people I met,  All of the people I got pictures of. Thank You !






IMG_4680IMG_4696IMG_4738IMG_4751 - EditedIMG_4756IMG_4789IMG_4806IMG_4810IMG_4816

IMG_4832IMG_4836IMG_4841IMG_4844IMG_4859IMG_4865IMG_4869IMG_4875IMG_4881IMG_4882IMG_4883IMG_4884IMG_4885IMG_4891IMG_4893IMG_4897 - EditedIMG_4900IMG_4901IMG_4919IMG_4926IMG_4932IMG_4942IMG_4963IMG_4966IMG_4977IMG_4990IMG_4993IMG_4997IMG_5011IMG_5016IMG_5020IMG_5029IMG_5059IMG_5097IMG_5138IMG_5139IMG_5149IMG_5158IMG_5195IMG_5200IMG_5216IMG_5218IMG_5220IMG_5221IMG_5230IMG_5234IMG_5237IMG_5247IMG_5264




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